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Do Not Be Caught In Your Own WEB.

I have always pondered on the Ancient Historic Stories of Great Men, Emperors and essentially those of the Ancient Bible Records like Samson and Solomon who fell away from being the Greatest Men alive to becoming a Lesson for all.

These Men were Born with Unique Qualities, Characteristics and Personalities, in fact some of them were seen as god among the Humans of those days. But unfortunately History records that these men fell and were destroyed by Women. You may ask, what about those Great Men or Women that were destroyed by other Entities or Elements? That is exactly where am bringing my Points today.


From the beginning, Humans were Born with Unique features that are distinct from each other, every single one came with his or her own unique qualities and personalities. However with these Qualities comes the Flaws, its like possessing a good Virus in the System and an Antidote as been generated to neutralized it.

The Virus being the STRENGHTH and the Antidote the WEAKNESS in the Human Body. Most often these Antidotes does not only neutralize ,paralyze and desensitized the Virus, but kill it completely. For some individuals the System generate other foreign Bodies, Agents and Properties that obviously cause the Antidotes to either not function at all or cause it to function in a reverse due to the Chemicals formed as a result of the foreign agents in the Body.

However, these kind are rare and probably is due to the fact that the Body function in a way that it as a large number of control over some of the Cells or properties in the Body. We all know the danger of having to use an Antidote without the presence of a Virus, it would definitely become counter reactive to the Body.

My Points exactly with these example is to open our Eyes of understanding to the Fact that we Humans have been Created to Possess both Strength and Weaknesses but fortunately and unfortunately for us, we equally possess the Ability to Recreate ourselves again through our Will and Choice.

Apparently this Recreation comes with its own Consequences, Implications and the Capacity to rewrite our Story here on Earth.


In this Article, Antidote is denote as our WEAKNESSES, with the capacity to render the most potent and active Virus useless, paralyzed and completely extinct. Therefore wouldn’t it be wise for us to Understand our STRENGTH and equally ensure to have adequate knowledge of the Antidote that is capable of Destroying it.

I knew and I had discovered my Strength from my Childhood which obviously helps me in so many situations that would have crippled my World. However, I equally had a Weakness which initially was perceived as a Strength in me until my Eyes of understanding was open to realize that it was a Weakness, an Antidote that is highly Lethal and had the ability to not only cripple my World but destroy it. That Antidote was ANGER.

This had build up inside of me as a result of the several Trauma I had passed through in my Life Journey to the Point it formed my Personality. I was like a Lion that no one dare crosses its path. When someone slaps me, I would not only slap back, I would make sure I leave you with a Mark in the body to remember me and the incident.

I was always standing up for myself with a strength I still cannot figure how it came about, my anger was always so intense it gives everyone around me a Fright and a Flight. Funny, I was always proud of myself back then because to me I was untouchable. I was convinced, it was a Strength.


I was a Lion physically but a cub Spiritually, and it makes no sense when you carry a Good Virus (Strength) but a part equally posses an Antidote ( Weakness) that could literally stop the Good Virus from functioning.

And not only that, I had no idea the Enemies where happy to have discovered my Antidote. I was convinced about this because, I realized the more I attempt to scare them away with my aggressive nature, the more they keep coming and obviously with the same action and attitude that bring out the Worst out of me.

So all throughout my Life I was generating same results, my health was deteriorating because my System as been polluted and contaminated by the Chemicals secreted due to the consistent and spontaneous Anger emanating from me each time. And yes, this equally affected me Spiritually and Mentally.

To put it blatantly, I was Trapped in my own Web, the Enemies need not bring any Weapon to Harm me because they are aware and have enough knowledge that I possess the Antidote that could be used to destroy my Good Virus. All they needed to do was to ensure to activate it by Triggering, which automatically releases the Antidote into my System.

If many of us could take the time to look closely and within, we will all realize that the unpleasant, Life issues, Health challenges and Negative Patterns that occur in our Lives was due to the fact that the Enemies discovered our Weaknesses and used it against us. Many have perished from being caught in there own Web.


The above is a Quote from the Book of First Corinthians 1 verse 27-30 of the HOLY BIBLE, and I quote it here because apparently it is one of GOD’s Method of Operation with us Humans and the Method is so Perfect when applied.

The first step I took was to identify all of my Weaknesses and begin to Work on them one by one, it was a Tough Training but it was worth it so much so that I regretted not realizing this soonest.

First, I was able to recognize that I lack Patient and was always stressed out when something is not going my way or someone is not acting in a way that brings the expected result. I basically begin Training myself by creating the Scenario and staying calm through it all. I was able to do this by switching my Mind to something else while telling myself there is a reason for this and it will come out good at the End.

In addition, I also recognize that Noise is not good for my Health, especially the slamming and banging of doors and things. It literally feels like its my heart that is being slammed. When this was identified, I began to Train myself to adapt and absorb Noise in my system by Sleeping whilst playing Music on a high note.

In conclusion, I recognize that when I am angry, my whole system turned upside down, and it takes a while to calm down or become normal. When this was identified, I literally shut myself from the environment and switch my Mind and myself away from whoever is responsible for the trigger and just see myself in a different environment surrounded by the right people I needed at that moment. Basically, the subject responsible becomes invisible to me at that particular moment. When this happened, I have always observed that my system remains calm and normal to the point that no amount of hurtful words spoken to me by anyone changed my Emotion.

I therefore strongly advise everyone out there to put themselves under there own control, Train to be in charge of both the Virus and the Antidote within, so the Enemies do not have a hold of it and use it against you.

Ensure you are not caught in your own WEB People!!!!! I sincerely hope this helps someone today??? I Remain Yours Truly, ( Apostolos Katherine Subair )

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