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You are the Tree, Your Generation are the Branches.

Having a First Hand encounter with a psychologically damaged Family gives me a better understanding of the extent of DAMAGE done to a CHILD raised by a Revengeful Psychologically Unbalanced Parents. However this encounter gives me great concern and Fear knowing that many People Living with these conditions are RAISING CHILDREN In various Homes across the Nations and the World at Large.

If we are to Analyze Critically we would be Amaze and Alarm to discover that:

* A high percentage of CHILDREN In Schools acts normal and relate normal but are totally Wounded within. Interacting and Socializing with other Children while Nursing a Deep WOUND Inflicted by either their Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts or Loved ones, a cancerous Injury that may never heal.

A huge number of MEN and WOMEN we Interact with at the Office as Colleagues, in the Buses or Trains as Passengers, as a Next door neighbor or even as a Close friend are pretty much DAMAGED as a result of the cancerous Wound which is eating them alive from inside out.

Some of these so called Ambitious Men and Women occupying Great Leadership Positions in the Society had attained such just so they could Seek out Revenge and Vendetta against innocent Individuals, Families or Groups for what was done to them in their past Lives.

The more I think about this the more it raises a concern, especially when you realized your Kids would grow up in such Society and amongst such people.


I strongly believe one of the Most Destructive Weapon the devil is using against HUMANITY today is by attacking the Sanity of the Mind through Abuse, Assault, Oppression and Affliction. Heartbreakingly, the very TOOLS being used to achieve this are our very own Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, Wives and Best friends.

A Child that is Broken, Shattered and his or her Sanity tampered with has nothing to offer the Society. Such would lack the ability and capacity to function normally like other Kids with a balance Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual growth. These Kids unfortunately become Deformed in Personality , sometimes these deformity may be so serious to the point that they become a Stranger and a Terror to themselves as well as the Society.

In Africa, there was little to nothing emphasized on Abuse of Kids at Home and even at Schools and Training Facilities until recently when it was becoming obvious and evident that a number of individuals are demonstrating Personality Deformity due to their past and Childhood experiences.

Even with my Experience with my Parents as a Child, I only discovered that I was Broken and nursing a deep Wound in my Soul when I realize that I could not control some of the bad actions I demonstrate towards people. Unnecessary and extreme anger over trivial issues, an intense bitterness and rage whenever my Mind cast back to all of those event and ordeal, these became evident that I was nursing a Childhood Wound and that equally makes me a potential Candidate for the devil’s Weapon.

Time and time again I would question some of my actions until I met my last Ex and it was a Big awakening. He is an example of not only a Broken Man but a Damaged one as well,

His was so advance that I literally forgot about mine and started to think he must be an Alien. He lacks Empathy, totally void of guilt, highly self centered, lack the ability to understand Emotions or Pain, His whole world is pretty much centered on himself and no one else, not even GOD. These was equally evident in his mum and sisters as I later discovered.

It dawned on me then that there are certain group of people in the Society and Africa as a whole that are in my Category, in his Category and other categories with strange personalities like I encountered with my Parents and his.


The Movie titled ” The Shack ” excellently played and adapted from the Novel the Shack written by William K. Young.

The storyline was poignant, as it emphasize on the extent of damage and effect on a child raised by a Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually deformed parents, and how the Actions of such Parents could have an adverse and destructive effect on the Children, the People in the community and Society and equally the Generation of such individual.

Every Mothers, Fathers and adoptive Parents have a responsibility towards their Children, and that responsibility begins from them as an Individual before a Child is brought in. There is a crucial need for every single person who desire to bring a Child into this World or become a Guardian to a Child to critically Assess themselves to ascertain and determine if there is any Past but open Wound or Injury to there Soul.

This is very essential and crucial in order to prepare themselves Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually for the arrival of there Innocent Kids. In essence, parents represent a Tree, whilst the Children become the Branches. If a Parent or Guardian fail to Plant there Root firmly in the Right SOIL where they basically obtain the Right Nutrients and Water from, then such Tree is headed for destruction as it sustenance depends on what it is fed with through the Soil.

When the Tree receives a Good Nutrients from the Soil, it would definitely be evident in the Branches as well as the Leaves. However when it receives poor and bad Nutrients from the Soil, it would dry off and weathered away and so will the Branches and the Leaves. This is a Clear scenario of Good Parenting and Bad Parenting.

Good Parenting does not only require you to be Loving and Affectionate towards your Kids, it goes way beyond that as there is possibility that such parents could show Love and Affection towards the Kids in the Wrong way.

My Ex demonstrated his Love towards me in the very wrong way because he was not thought how to Love properly. He would laugh and look at me strangely whenever am hurt by either his actions or his words, he doesn’t even know how to Love himself as I had to teach him that. He was a pathetic individual and that just made me wonder how many of his kind are wondering the streets, working in the offices, sitting beside people in the Train and Buses and even teaching our Kids in the Classroom.

Good Parenting requires you to Assess yourself Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually to know where you lack and are found wanting and seek help in those areas in order to be ready to receive the Treasured Gift that GOD would place in your care.

Apparently, it is only when you are able to understand, Identify, Recognize and possess adequate knowledge about yourself holistically that you would know how to Love yourself. And having that understanding and awakening give birth to a New Personality in you, that gives the very Best and Deserving Love to the Children that comes through you or to you.


No time is too late for anyone, as long as Breath is in you it is an indication that there is Hope and Transformation can be obtained. For this will not only benefits you but your Loved ones as well. Positivity leads to Transformation, and Transformation brings about Breakthroughs, Bigger and Better opportunities.

Therefore, your Decision and Choices NOW is what Matters, Do not allow your Innocent Spouse or Partner that may have probably come your way to be a Source of Comfort and Tool to your Healing become Broken and Damaged as you are because you basically see your torturer and Tormentor in them.

And Please stop seeing the Kids as a Participants to your misery or the reason for your misery, because you pretty much invited them into your World by that mare act of fluid exchange between you and the opposite gender. They were up there enjoying in there OWN World before you interrupted and force them to show up in your Life due to the exchange between you two.

There is one thing that as always put me in check in everything and every actions of mine towards people, and that is KARMA, NEMESIS, CONSEQUENCES, IMPLICATIONS and whatever you may want to call it. It is Real and it Exist, whether you know GOD or not, whatever you put out there definitely and inevitably comes back to either Hunts you or Blesses you.

I sincerely hope this speaks to someone Today??? I Remain Yours Truly, @subair-ministry

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