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From Nothing to a Masterpiece.

I sat down a couple of days ago with deep reflection on Life and it issues, and something keep jumping before my eyes. For some reasons, I found myself pondering and critically evaluating the Life of all of the People I know that have been Broken either by the hands of People they met during their journey in Life or through Life challenges and issues.

After much reflection and evaluations, I concluded and was able to establish that most Great People were once Broken People.

From Nothing to a Masterpiece.
From Nothing to a Masterpiece.

I proceeded to learn more by exploring the Scripture and there I got my Confirmation, not only from Stories of Great Men in the Bible that clearly had been broken so many times before arriving at the seat of their Greatness, amazingly there are equally Verses in the Scripture that Verified and Establish this.

This pretty much make me conclude that Great Men are Broken People and Broken People attracts GOD. They attract GOD not as a result of their brokenness but because GOD HIMSELF initiated the process where they had to be Broken at every specific period or stages of their Life for the sole purpose of turning them into a MASTERPIECE.

My understanding opens more about GOD being THE GREAT POTTER and we, HIS VESSEL. (Jeremiah 18 v1, Isaiah 64 v 8, Romans 9 v19-24). Let us look at some of these Great men in the Bible and the Process that led to their Greatness.

1. The pathetic and terrifying case of Joseph, betrayed by his Brothers where he narrowly escaped being killed and instead was sold as a slave to a merchant who took him to an unknown Land. In this unknown Land, we were made to understand the terrifying situations Joseph found himself and had to endure at every stage of his Life until the moment where he eventually attained his Throne. (Genesis 37, 39 & 41)

2. We can also critically look into the Life of Abraham, the Father of Blessing and how at 75years old, he obeyed GOD by stepping out of his Fathers house and the familiar community he had known from childhood to journey into the unknown Lands with his nephew. His daily battle between Faith and Fear that eventually led to the birth of the Promised Child in whose lineage we now enjoy Abundant Blessings. (Genesis 12, 15 & 17)

3. Of course, we cannot ignore Moses story from birth to being raised in a complicated environment and people, his flee from the Land where he had known all of his Life to an unknown Land. And the Heartbreak he had to endure from living among strangers and his People dying daily in Slavery in the hand of pharaoh until eventually he became the major factor that led to their Freedom. (Exodus 2,3 TO 33)

Looking around us and with the knowledge we have about the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gate, Rockerfeller, the like of south African comedian Trevor, Arnold Swatzeneggar and many more especially the True and genuine Men of GOD of our days. They all have stories to tell of their struggle during the process that led to their Greatness.


* Willingness to Learn and to yield themselves to the process and the determination to see their End Result.

* Never blame anyone for their Failures nor play Victims, but instead rise from the dirt each Time as a new Person with a different Mindset ready to face the next obstacle.

* Possess and maintain a compassionate nature regardless of the hurt and betrayals from relationships, friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

* Humble enough to know they are in their imperfect state at the beginning of their journey, and that it is okay to Fail, to Fall and to be Broken. For without that, it is impossible to become a Vessel in the Potters hand.

* Never disconnect from GOD because they deeply understand that they need HIM to become who they desire, dream to be and are meant to be, a MASTERPIECE eventually.


* A Potter can never remold a Clay without breaking it first, just as a Seed would never germinate without dying first. And No matter the number of times a vessel is broken down to be remolded by the Potter. It is all geared towards the end result, the Masterpiece.

* He knows us better than we know ourselves because HE molded us from nothing in the beginning. He therefore has better understanding of where and the part HE would need to put in more effort to make us a better Vessel.

* We are an empty vessel that needed to be filled, and the content in us is determined by how well we have been formed to carry the content. And the value of the content is determined by the value of the Vessel.

* A vessel molded into a Masterpiece is reserved for the Kings and Mighty Men, so until we become a Masterpiece, we will not gain access into that Realm.

* The Bible says, a time will come when the Heir shall be separated from the Bondservant, it only takes a Person molded into a Masterpiece to become an Heir. And a Masterpiece clearly stands out from among other Vessels.


There is something amusing about this whole context though, it is the fact that not all vessel breaks suddenly when under pressure. Some vessels only show signs of cracks, and most often, the cracks are not visible to the Potter especially when it is from inside. It is only when the pressure becomes much and unbearable that the cracks widened to become visible outside where it eventually breaks into pieces just where the cracks had formed.

The same applies to a number of individuals out there, who by the reason of their level of endurance, had begun to form cracks within. They conceal wounds, they bottled up a lot of Pain even when the pressure is breaking them apart. They secretly endure this Pain within, which unfortunately is not visible to anyone. Until they reach their breaking point where the pain could not no longer be endured because it had resulted to cancer eating them alive from inside out.

A potter can only work on a vessel that it pieces is completely breaking off of the body and can either choose to patch it or break down the whole body to remold again.

In this context, I think it will be Wise to say that a Person who is vulnerable like the Broken Vessel receives more and quicker attention from the Great Potter (GOD), because it is he who cries out to JESUS like the Blind Bartimus that receives the LORD’s attention and not those around who kept mute even when it is apparent they are struggling inside.

We are therefore strongly advised, not to be the Vessel with the Cracks within, but that we should be like the Vessel that Breaks easily under pressure so that the Potter who is unaware of the crack within, could quickly attend to the broken pieces. If we find it difficult to be vulnerable before Men, I strongly Believe GOD our Great Potter deserves to see us in our Broken Vulnerable State, because that is what would attract HIS attention to us, and HE pretty much delights in such.


* THEY MAKE THE BEST AND GREATEST LEADER OF ALL TIME: They become a great example to those who are still in the Broken State and has not completed their process yet. They become a great symbol of Inspiration, Motivation and Comfort to those who are still a Work in Progress to become the Masterpiece they are themselves. These people are comforted, and their Faith is Strengthened knowing that there is a Vessel that began the process just like them and is now in the Finished State.

* THEY MAKE THE BEST PARTNER TO THEIR SPOUSE: Due to the fact that they have felt the pain of heartbreak and the Trauma that it generates. They know the pain of being deprived of Love and because they do not want to go through that Path anymore, they would equally not want their Spouse to experience such in their hands. Hence the Partner receives the Best of them as they equally expect the Best in return.

* THEY MAKE THE BEST FRIEND AND COUNSELOR: We all need to Pray for a Masterpiece Vessel as a Friend because they understand what it means to be betrayed. They understand what standing up and showing up for a Friend means. They are Loyal, Responsible and Dependable at all Times because they never want to see anyone being hurt and struggling with the Trauma of Betrayal and not being able to Trust again.

Although they make the best Friend, I would advise that when you found one as a Friend, do well by ensuring you return the Loyalty, the Affection and the Trust as they equally desire and crave for it. They may not be vocal about it, but I can assure you that they would very much appreciate it when you reciprocate same to them. I promise you that you will enjoy them the more.

* THEY ARE THE CHOSEN ONE OF GOD: Imagine a Potter dedicating all of his Time, Energy and Resources in making sure a particular Vessel come out to be the Best, only to discard it later. Such cannot happen, as the Time, Energy and Resources put into creating such Masterpiece is for a Purpose and there is definitely a reason behind it at the long run. It is always for the sole purpose of accomplishing something Great when they become a finished product. So, People who are the Masterpiece of GOD are Most definitely the CHOSEN ONES for a Great Assignment and Achievement of a Great Course and Purpose.


With all that I have outlined in this context, you should count it all Joy when you found yourself as a Broken Vessel. The journey might be long and the process stretching and quite enduring, but I can promise you that it will all come out for the Best at the end.

Remember it is not the Skill that make a Soldier the Best in a Battle, it is the Experience that make them Skillful in battle. As they continued to be Empowered and Equipped physically and mentally to become the Warrior, they are, at the Battlefield. I sincerely hope this inspires and motivate someone Today, much Love!!! I Remain Yours Truly, (Apostolos Katherine Subair )

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