After exploring all of the contents and write ups from Victims and those who claimed to be formerly diagnose with Narcissistic Personality, I discovered that a huge chunk of the major Trait is overlooked and ignored. Perhaps it could be because I only recently begin receiving Light in these areas and the Discovery gives me a chill and great concern.

There has been various definitions, characteristics and explanations from People of all ages, races and places about Narcissistic Personalities and Identifications. In as much as all of these facts sounds true, the Major and critical part as been omitted by many. Apparently, these omitted part plays a crucial role in Identifying a True Narcist weather it is a Covert or Passive one.


Aside my personal Experiences with regards to Narcissistic Individuals in Relationships and Parenting, I have had the opportunity to interact, socialize and relate with individuals that I later discovered are very much Narcistic in nature. And after putting together all of the Traits I recognized in them; I discovered more common Traits and Characteristics that make them seems more dangerous to me.

According to data gathered, I understand that Narcissistic individuals are largely Persons with Childhood wounds due to Trauma and Abuse either from an equally Narcissistic Parents or Individuals.

As a result, they become stuck in their past, become vindictive, self-absorbed, bitter, vengeful, empty, lacking empathy, emotionally unavailable and could sometimes turned Psychopath.

It is the emptiness within that made them seek for Victims they could use to feel it, however the emptiness as become so hollow with time that no amount of resources, affections, interactions, teachings, wealth accumulations nor offers can fill it because its depth is bottomless.

They are gas lighters who never admit nor accept fault or blame, they Live in their own World of realities and unfortunately are stuck there until Healing brings them back to the Real World.

They are individuals with Double Personalities, first is the subtle, vulnerable and amazing side that they display towards People in general, so they could gain Trust and Friendship. It is also the Personality they present to their potential Victims when they found one, the other which unfortunately is their real Identity packaged with strong evil traits is only shown and known to their Victims when they are caught in their Web.

They are users and unfortunately their Kids are not left out in this, in most cases the Person closest to them are usually their first Victims and that could either be their Partner or Kids. The Victims are not only used, but they are also left shattered, tattered and broken at the long run. In some cases, the Victims are Damaged beyond repair as a result of being under constant Abuse, Mistreatment and deprivation of Affection. This is largely the reason for the increasing number of Narcists in the Society because the Victims eventually becomes like them.

They crave for Drama even though they come off as someone who detest drama, they initiate, instigate and generate drama between themselves and their Kids, Partner or immediate subordinate at work. This is to ensure they are still in control because of their strong need and passion for Dominance.


Recently, I sat down pondering and reflecting on my Experience with a Narcistic Ex, then I began to analyze and critically evaluate all of the Victims of Narcissistic Individuals I know, beginning with me and those who have shared their Stories Online and in Books. And these are my own further Findings that a lot as overlooked and omitted.

  • Narcists are very careful in choosing their Victims, they may randomly pick just anyone to fill the Void every now and then, but they are majorly in a hunt for their Main Victim. And that main Victim is someone who possess every quality they are NOT, A STRONG Individual. Someone who is Focus, Confident, Passionate in what they are into, full of Potentials and Great Qualities and to Crown it all, someone who in addition to these amazing qualities possess an Empathic and Affectionate Nature.

This is because, a Narcists has the ability to see what someone with these Incredible Qualities would be in Future. They immediately could see the great Impact those qualities would make in the Society. And because that is what they so much desire to be themselves which is impossible as a result of their current state and condition, this automatically activate intense hatred where they begin to plot how to compel the other Person to bring them into their World and Life to Crush it.

It will interest you to know that Narcists have their Future Plans as well, and a Strong Person that possess the above characteristics would probe a risk to their Plans being actualized, such could interfere, disrupt and total crumble their Evil Plans. Therefore, these Individuals are targeted by Narcists just for this reason, unknown to them.

  • Narcists are Power hungry, they crave for Dominance in everything and over everyone, and so they set their Goals around this, working tirelessly with vehement determination to attain the Superior Seat of Authority.

If you are to personally gather your own Data with regards to People of Authority either in Government, Organizations, Top Industries, Institutions and of course Churches and Christian Organizations. It will appall you to discover 70-80% are Narcists.

  • I said earlier that Narcists crave Drama even if they come off as one who detest it, it will interest you to know that Narcists do not only Initiate and generate drama between themselves and their immediate person of interest. They are notorious for initiating and Instigating Drama between their own persons and others as well. They do this by constantly putting their Partner in a Competition with other Men and Women basically. They make a Monster out of their Partners and Spouse, and cause them to literally become bitter and hold Grudge and intense hatred against People that are around them and others that are Strangers to them would begin pay attention to them for the wrong reason. It\s like causing People to be at loggerhead behind the scenes, while they step aside to watch the public display with pleasure.

The Narcists derive pleasure in creating Drama that have their Name at the Center of it, they derive great joy knowing the reason behind a Fight or Confrontations between People is basically because of them. Having their Name at the Center, brings people’s attention to them. And that feeds their Ego for sure, they feel Powerful.

My Narcissistic Ex turned me and every Female neighbor in my area against each other, including the married ones. He would go around initiating friendship with them in my absent, and equally turn around to tell me how he perceived they are either flirting with him or trying to catch his attention and interest. This would drive me crazy, and I will begin to monitor the actions of the Neighbors whenever he is in their vicinity. And funny, something most definitely takes him there all the time.

This is one out of many of the humiliation and constant confrontations I had to endure with a number of women I never had any problem with until he showed up in my Life. Both the Women am familiar with in my Area, the Unknown in Restaurants, Events, Co-passengers on Transports and of course my Church.

In leu of this, there is a high possibility that the Narcists occupying seat of Authority in Organizations, Government Positions, Institutions and Churches are doing same among their Colleagues, causing strife’s among subordinates, church members and neighbors just like my ex.

  • Narcists do not only Prey on Partners, Kids and Spouse, they most definitely prey on Friends and people in their Circles too. Remember, they are individuals with Double Personalities, they are humans that love to socialize because these helps them get closer to their Victims and Prey. So, this explains the need for a fake Identity to lure Targets, and anyone can be the Target as long as you possess all of those characteristics that trigger their demons.

Have you ever had a Friend who shows up in your Life seeming to be like an angel, obsessed with you even though you could not put your hand on anything you had in common. And while you are thinking you got lucky with such a Friend, your World gradually starts to crumble. You begin to notice changes in the behavior of your Colleagues and Superiors at work towards you, your Partner or Spouse suddenly begin to act defensive and offensive, you are beginning to lose Customers and Clients you’ve gained for years for no apparent reasons e.t.c. Please acts quickly, and do thorough Investigations, your angelic but Narcissistic Friend could be behind it.


Reflecting on my Childhood, my past Experiences with Narcissistic Ex and Friends, I have personally concluded that Narcissistic individuals are either carriers of another form of Witchcraft or they are Bodies housing the second in command to Satan himself, a Demon.

My point emanates from the very similar characteristics a Narcist possess with that of a Witch, where the two major are Manipulation and Control.

In addition to that, I will say they were an Innocent Soul before they were turned into a Wounded Monster within. And since all that the devil requires to make a Weapon out of a Person is to possess the same Personality like him. Unexplained anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, vengeful, pride, jealousy and hate. I therefore have a strong Believe that Narcissistic individuals are automatic Candidate for the devil to use as a Weapon against Humanity.

I sincerely Hope this Helps and Liberate Someone Today??? I Remain Yours Truly, Apostolos Katherine Subair.

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