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Activating the Warrior in a Soldier.

This is the second time I will be writing an article based on this particular Title, so this is pretty much an extension and expansion of the previous one. I got more clarity on the Topic some days back and couldn’t hold back the Revelations. By the time you are nearing the end of it, you should be able to determine where you stand and belong in this BATTLE OF LIFE.

For some of us who are lovers of Thriller, Disaster and Horror Movies, where a group of People had been trapped in a situation that required them to fight their way through in order to Live. The question is, if you happen to be the one watching these movies, what goes through your mind? Have you ever wondered what your reaction would be should you found yourself in such situation where you had to fight your way through obstacles, dangerous barriers and death trap to Live?

Personally, I love Movies, especially those that challenges the characters in them, but there is something that as always stand out in all of these Challenging movies. I have always observed that the Brave and Determined ones come out alive. And apparently, those who come out alive in most cases shared same qualities. These qualities are what helped them go through these death traps and terrifying tunnels to come out on the other side Victorious.

I would like to associate or liken these individuals as Soldiers who receive Training to exhibit at War in other to conquer the Enemy. And I will equally want to associate a Soldier in this Article to be an Individual faced with the Challenges of Life. And challenges of Life can be characterized as War in the Life of every Individual.


A SOLDIER is someone Trained in the Army to have the capacity and ability to fight the Enemies in the Battlefield, while a WARRIOR is equally a Soldier but became Skillful and outstanding in fighting War due to his experience and bravery exhibited over and over again in the Battlefield.

A Warrior goes to War first as a Soldier but returns as a Warrior because he was able to survive his enemies attack, and not only did he survived, but he also gained more insight and knowledge on how to strategies and confront the enemies in the next Battle, this is because he has had the opportunity to witness the enemy’s weakness. A Warrior possesses the following characteristics:

* STRENGHT: Before an individual can be admitted into the Army, he or she must first possess a healthy Body. An all round complete physical, mental and social wellbeing is required before an individual can be considered for the Academy. Infact the physical features matters because that determines how far the individual can go in battle without breaking down. A can-do spirit is also required, this serves as a Self-Motivation for such individual.

* DISCIPLINE: A Warrior is a person of Integrity; he is principled and not careless with his Lifestyle. He sets rules and goals around his Life and ensure to walk and work strictly by those Rules.

* SELFLESS: A Warrior is made from being a Person who look out for others in the Battlefield. He is a Team Player, someone who put himself in other people’s shoes and knows how it feels to wear such. He is not after the Gain but after the Goal, and everything he does in the Battlefield is towards attaining that Goal together. He is very aware that the Victory is not being the only Survival but in ensuring they all Survive to Celebrate the Victory together.

* BRAVE: A lot of us are not aware and do not know what we are capable of until we are faced with Danger. A lot of times, people who exhibit weakness are those who show and demonstrate such incredible strength and bravery in dangerous situations than those that have been known to look and express strength. That is why it is not all Soldiers that are Brave but only the Warriors among them. Being brave is the ability to face dangerous situations without Fear, it is standing firmly and fearlessly even when face with death.

* WILLINGNESS TO LEARN: A Warrior is someone who is open to learning and growing in new skills and techniques to remain a Warrior at War. The battlefield is the Training ground of a Warrior where he critically observes the enemy’s skills and strategies to be used to upgrade his Techniques in the battlefield.


It is not enough to receive training on how to handle tough challenges, situations and issues of Life that confront us as an individual. We need to personally upgrade ourselves every now and then so that we can become so skilled in handling those situations that we become a coal of fire in the hands of the enemies.

We have all been packaged with enough Potentials and Abilities individually to be able to Live comfortably on Earth. We are Born Soldiers, expected and required to activate the Warrior inside of us. Unfortunately, a lot of us remain a Soldier till death because we fail to unlock those Great abilities, since we could not obtain the KEY to Access it. The desire to Grow in the full knowledge about ourselves take us closer to the ONE who owns the KEY to LIFE. The COMMANDER in the Battle of Life, the Revealer of the Mystery of Life, GOD THE ULTIMATE AND MIGHTY WARRIOR IN BATTLE.

The Book of Mathew 11 verse 12 make us understand that ” THE KINGDOM OF GOD SUFFERETH VIOLENCE AND ONLY THE VIOLENCE TAKE IT BY FORCE”. The Violence in this context is not the Physical violence but rather the Spiritual One.

A Holy anger from within you saying, ” NO MORE”!!!!!

* No More to Pain, Addiction and Past Trauma because am saying, YES to Healing!!!

* No More to Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, because am saying, YES to Life!!!

* No More to Abuse, Molestation and Violations because am saying, YES to Mental Stability!!!

* No More to Tears, Anxiety and Worry because am saying, YES to Joy and Abundance!!!

* No More to Hate and Jealousy because am saying, YES to LOVE!!!!!

I am a Warrior and I have all that it takes to confront my enemies at War and Conquer, I am therefore activating the Warrior Spirit within me by laying hold of the Key. I am making a conscious effort from today to Upgrade myself Physically, Spiritually, Mentally and otherwise to become a Warrior am meant to be. I am taking hold of my Territory and securing it against the enemy’s infiltration.


To you battling in the War of Depression and it seems to be overcoming and overwhelming you, remember you have the Power to Activate the Warrior inside of You.

To you living your Life as only a Sheep, please remember JESUS who is the LAMB of GOD, is equally the LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH. Therefore, activate the Lion inside of You.

To you battling in the War of Sickness and Disease, remember all of these as been taking away by the STRIPE of JESUS, and HIS Death as already Conquered the Grave. Therefore, Activate the HEALING POWER by GOD’s SPIRIT that dwelleth in You.

To you battling in the War of Past Trauma, Abuse and Molestation, remember JESUS went through same for our sake, and that never stops HIM from establishing and Exercising HIS Dominion and Authority through HIS Precious BLOOD. HE Overtook, Overcame and Occupied, and we are expected to follow suit.

Let us have this understanding that this World is a Battlefield, with different enemies waging Wars against us. So, let us refuse to remain a Soldier but Grow to become a Warrior, so we can continue to be Skillful at War, Conquering the enemies each time we are in Battle with them and continue to have Victory.

Keep Winning Folks and I sincerely hope this awaken someone today??? I Remain Yours Truly, (Apostolos Katherine Subair)

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