I am a Strong Believer in Breakthroughs, Favor and Deliverances perhaps because I have been there and Experience it at every Level of my Life. However it is Heartbreaking to see, hear and know that a large Number of People out there are desperately looking to Experience one Breakthrough or the other in some specific areas of their Lives.

Apparently, these Individuals have been to the Hills and the Lows, the Mountains and Valleys, as well as alleged great tabernacles and synagogues for years on end just so they could encounter and Experience Breakthroughs in the Challenges confronting their Lives.

It is therefore absolutely upsetting to discover that many who seek a Way out of there predicaments by seeking out these alleged tabernacles, synagogues and churches found themselves trapped and wrapped in more Webs of Life, Challenges of Life, Unexplained health Conditions and sometimes death.

So the Question is, what exactly are these supposed tabernacles, synagogues and churches offering you, through what medium are they offering it and who are those benefitting in a Long Term from these offer???



Being born and raised by a Strong Muslim Parents seems to be a normal Life for me until I began to have Dreams and Visions about my Future and right then I knew I was cut out to take a separate and different Path from my Family.

I became convinced when I began to notice a very bad and Negative Pattern in the Life of my Dad, my Mom, my Siblings as well as my extended Families from both sides. It was evident that my entire Family was under a generational curse and demonic domination . Apparently my Dad had fought vehemently with his own believes and faith but could not conquer.

I then began to SEEK the ONE WHO WAS SPEAKING TO ME THROUGH MY DREAMS AND VISIONS. I started from a neighbors Church and something was still Missing in my Spirit. And in a bid to Found this ONE TRUE GOD, I began to hop into one Church after another, at some point I was following the Crowd by seeking HIM in Men. Unfortunately all of these did not only end in Despair and Disappointment but put me deeper and deeper into much worst Conditions, Situations and Relationships, while some of these unfortunate Encounters and Experiences almost ended in death.

Until one particular day in May 2018 when I had that One Unique Encounter that Changed my Life forever.

My Life was at a point when I didn’t know who I was anymore because everything around me was literally crumbling, so I decided to go into one day Fasting and Prayer just to seek GOD to Intervene. I then chose to be alone away from home so I went to Church because I know it would be deserted.

Arriving at Church, I went straight for the Altar and knelt down to Pray, while in this Position I heard a Voice Whisper in my ears ” DWELL IN MY SECRET PLACE “. I lifted my head to look around to be sure I was alone and when I saw no one. I got confused and attribute it to the noise around the Church. So I got up and took a Chair behind the Church Auditorium, I sat down and place an earpiece in my ears listening to Worship Songs from my Phone.

My eyes was close as I wanted to immerse myself in the song when I suddenly felt a Presence beside me, I was about to open my eyes to turn my head when a very clear and audible voice spoke so loud I could hear it above the music playing ” DWELL IN MY SECRET PLACE “. I didn’t just heard the Voice, I could feel the Breath of the One who Spoke to the point it jerked me up so hard the earpiece fell from my ears. And there was No One there with me, so I panicked, ran from the Church and headed home.

This basically was the beginning of not only my Transformational Journey but Total Liberation.


We are in the Days that is looking more darker and gloomier than the Days we have ever experience before, this is clearly pushing and compelling many into taking desperate measures and actions.

To some seeking out a prophet that demonstrate and display power is the ideal source, while some seek out churches with large crowd, others simply just go with the flow as directed by peer groups, friends or loved ones.

However, this critical Times that we are now require more from us than we assume, it require us to Personally evaluate ourselves first and ask Questions.


Whatever and whoever we are seeking all boils down to our need and desire for Liberation from whatever is Oppressing, Afflicting and Subjecting us to ridicule right? Why don’t we seek the ONE Who OWNS and CREATED the POWER that all of these forces behind the Affliction, Oppression and Suppression Bow to?

Why don’t we seek to Personally discover and Interact with the UNKNOWN GOD through HIS WORDS (BIBLE ) and follow the Instructions as laid down in it by the Revelation and Directions of the HOLYSPIRIT. When this as been achieved then we are Empowered and Equipped to Seek and Found the TRUE Shepherd who will Partner with us Spiritually to help us Gain the Total Liberation from whatever stubborn issues and conditions confronting our Lives.

It is only by having adequate and proper knowledge about this Unknown GOD that would cause HIM to Show up through HIS SPIRIT to cause us to Live above this Critical Times. When you possess these GREAT Knowledge about HIM, you would no longer desire to seek out tabernacles, temples, synagogues and churches making names through fake miracles, healings, deliverances and the rest.

You become a Power House seeking the Same GOD you carry within you in other Spiritual Leaders for Partnership. You are Empowered to Dominate and Equipped to speedily recognize and Identify whoever and whatever does not Align with the SUPREME GOD inside of you.

This LIGHT inside of you is what will lead you to other True Servant of GOD functioning under the Right Auction, Standing on the Right Altar and disseminating the Right WORD for a Greater Impact. You can literally, Feel, Smell and See GOD’s Presence in such Atmosphere.


During my desperate journey to seeking out this Unknown GOD, and in a bid to know HIM, I had falling prey to a lot of so called fake prophets, pastors, teachers and spiritual leaders. In fact I was almost initiated into witchcraft in one of these churches that house large numbers of Innocent Congregations seeking for Solutions to their Problems like me. But one thing kept me above the Rest, it was my Penchant, Urge and Crave for this ONE TRUE GOD. So, I always go with a Heart to seek this GOD and not for Miracle, I basically have this CONVICTION in my Heart that a Personal Encounter with HIM is all I need to end my Suffering and Misery.

And when HE eventually found me in that Church alone by myself and demanded that I SEPARATE Myself Alone with HIM and for HIM, which I did for a whole Year, I came out Refreshed, Reborn and Renewed because I had received so much Training from GOD during this Isolation that had Illuminated my Understanding of both Physical and Spiritual World. This is where I learnt how to sight the differences between the TRUE SERVANT and the fake hypocrites.

  • When you enter a Church after you have been Equipped and Empowered by the HOLYSPIRIT through your Personal Fellowship with GOD, the LIGHT of GOD in you is Visible to both the True Servant and the satanic ones. The Light inside of you would attract and Connect to the Light inside of the True Servant of GOD and the Members, whilst the Light Repels and Disturbs the satanic ones including the members.
  • Does he have a Personal Encounter with GOD??? Does he have Personal Wonders Testimonies to tell at every Level of his Life??? It is not enough to say I was once a thief, a murderer, an adulterer, an alcoholic, an addict, a prisoner, a criminal, a prostitute. There must be that Evidence of a Personal Encounter with GOD with Proof, an Example is a spiritual leader who is always visiting the hospital due to one illness or the other. What would such have to impact the Congregation with in the area of DIVINE HEALTH as GOD stated in HIS WORD. His Testimonies is where your Answers Lies and it must Acknowledge and Confirm the SUPERNATURAL of GOD.
  • Use both your Spiritual and Physical eyes to Scan and Assess the supposed Spiritual Leaders of that Church to ascertain their RIGHT Standing with GOD, are they living a Life of Righteousness in GOD? Do a check on the Family, his Wife and Children’s Lifestyles. It will amaze you to know, some of these supposed leaders are the most promiscuous because they operate through familiar spirits which is the spirit of jezebel. Unbeknown to these Victims, they are automatically a sacrifice to the power they operate with.
  • Please in the Name of GOD who Created you, never allow anyone in the name of spiritual leader or servant of god lay hands on your Head to either Pray or Anoint you because that is the easiest way to extract your GLORY and equally transfer anything and any spirit into you. Ensure to establish their Right Standing with GOD before permitting or consenting to such. Your Life might take a turn for the Worst as a result of the demonic exchange (Speaking from Experience). In your desperate state of anxiously looking for Solutions to your Challenges and Problems, you unfortunately and ignorantly have amplified it and probably handed yourself as a sacrifice by the laying of those demonic hands.
  • Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; And light shall shine upon thy ways.” (Job 22verse 28-29), This Bible verse is clearly stating that whoever is in a Right Standing with GOD would Decree and GOD shall Establish it. Therefore, when you are under the Auction and Anointing of a Supposed Man of GOD whose DECREE is NOT Established then take yourself away from such atmosphere. When such Leaders speaks, it should be with Authority backed by the POWER of the HOLYGHOST and therefore must Reflect in your Lives if you are equally in Right Standing with GOD (Psalm 148 v 6, Proverbs 8 v 15, Isaiah 10 v 1 ). Therefore if both your Spiritual and Physical Needs is not Ministered to or Impacted by His Declarations and Decrees, you are under a wrong atmosphere.


In these crucial and critical times, we need to seek to Discover ourselves by Discovering the ONLY TRUE GOD personally. For it is only in HIM that you find Answers to All of your Questions, Solutions to All of your Challenges, Health in All of your diseases and illnesses, Peace in the mist of your Storms, Light in All of the darkness that surrounds you, Faith in All of your fears, Deliverance from All of your oppressions and Ultimately Life in your Wilderness.

Therefore SEEK HIM FIRST, AND ALL OTHER THINGS SHALL BE ADDED ( Matthew 6 v 33), for your Life would be filled with the Wonders of GOD that would cause you to Live above this Hard Times (Speaking from Personal Experience). I sincerely hope this found someone seeking a WAY OUT of that WILDERNESS Today???           Remain Yours Truly, ( Apostolos Katherine Subair )


  1. Benjamin Lukas Avatar

    Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post!
    It is the little changes that will make the biggest changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

    1. Apostolos Katherine Subair Avatar

      Thanks a bunch Benjamin for taking the time to read my Article, appreciate that a lot and glad it added Value to you.

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