The Heroic Dog


This is pretty much poignant for Me as I have a first hand experience with this DOG despite the fact that they were not mine. My Son and I moved to a New Neighborhood in July of 2019, it was pretty much an Estate for the Rich though, an enclosed Residential Area where you barely see People on the Streets because literally everyone owns a car. We were elated and felt absolutely Lucky to find an Apartment in such a Community until we began to discover its Dark Secrets and looming Darkness that surrounds it.

The moment we moved in we instantly observed that every Building has a DOG or DOGS for Security Reasons except ours. I later discovered why, obviously There are Two Lover DOGS (Male and Female) Who had basically made our Yard their Love Nest but belongs to a Neighbor across from ours.

Day In and Day Out I became fascinated and Intrigue by The DOGS as I noticed They were Inseparable, the Male especially caught my attention more as he obviously dote the Female Companion with so much Love and Affection that Humans like me could easily become jealous.


One Morning , I heard DOGS barking and wailing violently and I wanted to see what it was. I came out with My Son and there, Just outside our Gate Five Dogs were engaged in a Fight, As I looked closely I noticed Four Dogs were basically In a vicious Combat against One Dog and that One Dog happened to be the MALE DOG LOVER that Nest at My Yard I Regretted Not Taken a Video of That). As we stood watching In amazement, The Lover Dog fought back alone TIRELESSLY, RELENTLESSLY And FIERCELY. To our utmost dismay The Four Dogs retreated after realizing The Lover Dog was not backing down.

As these Dogs moved away we were both saddened by what was left of The Lover Dog. All Broken with Wounds on its Face, Ear and Body. As he limped back to join its Female Companion, out Of nowhere Four PUPPIES emerged and joined them.

Emotion welled up inside of Me as I realized there and then that the Lover Dog had risked its LIFE to Fight the Four Dogs In order to Secure its TERRITORY and PROTECT is FAMILY. I could not hold back My tears to see a DOG display and demonstrate such RESPONSIBILITY, SUCH BRAVERY and PASSION for its FAMILY. I turned to My Son and said to Him ” We would start Feeding The Dogs and The Puppies henceforth “.

The Fight did not end there though, astonishingly It had earned The Dog ” THE LION amongst All Dogs in The Neighborhood ” because none of the Dogs In the Area dare come any closer to The Territory where The LION DOG takes its Walk with his Family.

I later learnt another Great Characteristics and Qualities to The Lion Dog when My Son and I started to Feed them. The first Day we came out with the Food, we called out to the Dogs and they came to The Yard but something amazing took place though. The Female Dog and The Puppies stopped a few steps from Us while The Lion Dog came forward and walked round My Son and I, sniffing and looking into our Eyes just to ensure is Family is Safe with us and he could Trust us. Afterwards its moved a few steps away from us and sat down, apparently that was a Sign of Permission as The Female Dog and The Puppies moved towards us to receive the Meal.


We gave them the Food and They Ate while The Lion Dog sat watching. It only came forward to Eat the remnant after its Lover and The Puppies were done and had Leftovers.

Day In Day out the routine continued as we fed them. We later observed that during the Day time The Lion Dog always wonders out Alone leaving its Family. Little did we know that The Lion Dog goes searching for its own Food because he often Starves as a result of putting its Family first whenever a Meal is offered to them. So he goes to the Neighboring Houses taking Chickens for its Meal, am pretty sure he brings some of these home to his Family though. The Owners of the Chickens would come claiming Money from the Dog’s owner for the Chickens taken.

This continued for a while until suddenly The Lion Dog disappeared and there was no Trace of him anywhere. As My Son and I continued to Feed The Female companion and its Puppies, on a certain day we noticed only The Female Dog and a Puppy came forward to receive the Food so I decided to approach the Owner for explanation. Apparently Two Puppies had been sold, a Puppy had died and The Lion Dog had failed to return from its usual afternoon walk in The Neighborhood.

This broke our Hearts so much so that My Son and I cried. our thought was ” What had happened to The Lion Dog and who is going to Protect its Family and Territory from the other Dogs in the Neighborhood?

Heartbreakingly, the days that followed, Every Dogs in the Neighborhood had noticed The Lion Dog was Missing and they all began to converge in our Yard seeking the Female Dog. Although the Female Dog and her Puppy would bark at The Dogs to scare them away, it never yielded any result nor stops more Dogs from flooding into the Yard to demonstrate their interest as they were Weak and not as Fierce as The Lion Dog. Eventually the Female Dog succumbed, but to our utter dismay she succumbed to the very least expected and suspecting Dog.


Now here is the funny part though, I know after waiting patiently for the last part of this Story expecting to hear the Amazing Dog that eventually was given the chance to step into the Shoes of the Lion Dog.

I had seen Bull Dogs, Hairy Dogs, regular and cute Dogs all converging like Prince charming to win the Heart of the Female Dog. Well, I woke up one morning and decide to check out something at the side of the Building and Wow!!!! right there walking majestically side by side with the Female Dog to the back of the Building is this Dog I can’t find the right word to describe.

First was its small body structures, and that wouldn’t have mattered nor meant nothing until I discovered that the Dog that eventually won the Heart of the Lover of a former Lion Dog is Handicapped. Its back was grotesque in such an angle that its limped on his hind leg. And its Tail must have been cut off because it was obviously short.



As I stood watching and taking in the scene before my eyes before taking the Picture above, I was stunned with my mouth ajar as I couldn’t comprehend why the Female Dog settled for such a Dog.

But I soon found out not long after though, the Limping Perfect Partner was not only a True Lover but a gentleman. He literally welcomes every other Dogs around its new found Family. Then it dawn on me right there that this is a Perfect Story with Perfect Lessons. It never occur to me that these regular normal looking Dogs would Generate a Unique Story so Inspiring, Educative and Insightful that I would make a Book out of it.


This Story will resonate with quiet a Number of us and it will also serve as a great Lesson:-

* That Self Love matters in developing a Solid Foundation in a Relationship, as it is the Value that you place in yourself that you will manifest in your relationships.

* That nothing and No one belongs to anyone in this World, same way we will all face Judgment Individually. Therefore we should learn to loosen our grip on anything and anyone that matters to us because Changes occur and Humans evolve.

* That we can achieve anything and be anything if only we are determined, focus and have a strong Positive Attitude towards it..

* That the Race is not to The Swift, nor the Battle to The Strong, nor Bread to the Wise, nor Favor to the Men of Skill, but Time and Chance happen to Them All (Ecclesiastic 9v11)

* That the Battle with the Enemy required A STRONGER FORCE and DIVINE Wisdom as our Victory depends on it.

* That even The Strongest of Man has his Weaknesses and The Enemy can use It against him.

* That to be A CONQUEROR We have to be Spiritually and Physically Empowered and Equipped because most Battles are Initiated from the Spirit World and we cannot Conquer with our Physical strength.

* And most of all, We all need GOD no matter how wise, great or powerful we are, GOD HIS Still The MOST SOVEREIGN AND SUPREME.

I sincerely hope Someone learn something out of this Story, I Remain Yours Truly, (Apostolos Katherine Subair)

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