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The Message in The Mess.

As Humans, we are packaged with the Ability and Gift of Will and Choice which equally include Dominance and Control. We are the Envy of Angels including the falling ones because we are Perfectly Sculptured and Molded along with great wisdom and knowledge. So we are perceive as a Brilliant Being as a result of these Extraordinary features.

However these did not come without it shortcomings, and what makes it pathetic and terrifying is the fact that the falling angels had to compete with us on Earth to gain Dominance and Control. But unfortunately to achieve this, they would have to take on our Perfect features and forms which obviously is impossible except they take Possession of our Vessel which is our Body before they could operate, function and Live comfortably among us and this is largely because they are spirit being.


Have you ever met anyone who is stuck on Alcohol? You keep wondering and asking why they seems to lack the capacity to stop, and to see it potency to destroy them?

Have you ever met anyone who is high on Drugs, so high that it as literally become their heartbeat. They are so stuck on it that they would literally do anything to keep it in their system. And have you ask why they seems not to see it as a cancer eating them alive from inside and messing up their World in the outside?

Have you Known, had Relationships or Encounter an Individual who obviously is incapable of looking at a Woman without an urge or a woman incapable of keeping her panties on at the sight of a Man? and the list goes on and on.

I have been in a public transport, and have on several occassion witness men masturbating while sitted beside me and beside other female passengers. I have witness and interacted with beautiful girls from humble, respectable and comfortable homes, who chose to be on the street selling their bodies. And ofcourse I have witness men of calibre in the society who obviously have handed their Lives to be ruined by alcoholism.

And the question that keep popping up in our minds when we have the opportunity to meet, be friends with or interact with these folks is WHY CAN’T THEY STOP???


From my young age I discovered that being principled was my hallmark. I was conservative and objective, I had my life all planned out in my head because I knew I was different. However the Trauma I went through as a child cause me to develop some Personalities and Habits that was detrimental to my Dreams, Aspirations and Future Goals.

One of such was ANGER, triggered by People and Environment that constantly remind me of my Traumas, I was so Bitter that I was constantly on edge and looking to transfer aggression on People who are innocently interacting with me in their own way basically. And all of a sudden, I found myself battling with Ulcer, so severe that on many occassions I never thought I could make it during the episodes which always occur at Midnights.

Another negative characteristic I observed was my Relationships with Men, it was a huge stumbling block, a limitations that keep setting me back. I tried so hard to keep myself from being taking advantage of but I couldn’t. Each time I tried to stay away from men, it was a matter of time before I found myself in the arms of another which eventually end badly.

Here is something that raises a concern for me though, something deep inside me keep rejecting this connection with men and that was why I could go for a year without having a relationship with a man but unfortunately I could not go beyond a year before my Body start yearning for a Man again. Not only that, I realize that the men from my previous Relationship keep turning up in my Dreams. I made several attempts to shut them out and keep them out but they just seems not to disappear . until the day I visted the hospital and was asked to take a Scan that shows I had Fibroid (Multiple growth in my Uterus ), a disease that came with several complications one of which was severe pains in the lower abdomen, back and thighs.

I continued to Battle with these strange but severe ailment for decades until the LORD called me to MINISTRY, gave me the KEY to Unlocking all of these MYSTERIES and showed me the Way out to gain Total Liberty. I can confidently tell you Beloved, that the Ulcer had vanished and so is the Fibroid.

Why am I sharing my Experience with you first, it is because I want you to trust that I am a Living prove that there is a Force and Entity behind a Destructive Actions, Attitude and Personality that you can’t seems to Control.


From the beginning, it was evident that Man fell and lost Control and Dominancy, although it came with its consequences it was required that man Learn from all of the Actions that led to those Consequences they had to deal with which was obviously passed on to us as SIN.

Now People of the World as always debate on Sin, it significance and implications, while some debate encourages Sin as a part of Human Life, some partially condem it by clinging on to Grace speaking for us. And ofcourse some still Believe in HOLINESS as a Lifestyle to be emulated from our LORD JESUS. CHRIST.

My point here is that, irrespective of which side one belong, it is very clear that GOD did not condem Sin for His own Self or to Benefit HIM. I later understood that GOD is indeed looking out for our Good by Condemming Sin not because it will favor HIM, but because HE Loves us and know that it is the major channel of Destruction of Man. So Sin was condemed for our OWN GOOD.

It was condemed because GOD knew that, the little little Sin that we overlook give Birth to Addiction which is an Automatic open door for these destructive dark entity to gain access to our Lives.

Here are the picture folks, the more we Sin, it is like a witch chanting to open a portal for the devil’s entrance in the spirit world, so Sin is that chant which gradually invoke and summon dark entity to take possession of our Life and World. Engaging in the wrong Acts, Words and Lifestyle leaves our Body bare, naked and susceptible spiritually for dark entity and forces to take possession.

In fact, they literally gain entrance not only into your Body but your Life, your Home, your Children’s Life, your Business and literally everything associated with you is taken over by the reason of that door and portal that you ignorantly opened.

Hence the result is you literally loose control of yourself, your Life, your Home, Business and everything connected to you. And sadly, these dark entity do not just possess and take over your entire Life, they equally bring other elements with them. Like strange, unforseen. unexpected and questionable sicknesses and diseases that might be untreatable.

Unexplained finacial loss, lack, poverty, failure and lack of favor, literally everything Good just seems to vanished within a short time and you are left to battle negative atmosphere.

And of course, there is the Physical Consequences as well, like Health issues (STD’s, HIV, Hepatitis B & C e.t.c ), Mental, Social and Emotional issues, all of these come to play as we indulge in the wrong Acts, Words and Lifestyle. It’s like the Natural Law that says whatever you put out there definitely comes back to either Hunt you or Blesses you.

So, you attract and magnetize the same Energy you put out. If you put out the Right Energy, you are visited by the Right Spirit with Good Things Manifesting around you. And if it is the wrong energy, you definitely should expect demons co-existing, inhabiting and taking over your entire Space. So, it is basically our Choice that put us in such situation where we lack Control most Times.


Finally folks, if you discover that you are loosing Control of Yourself, Life and Home, there is a High chance that you have either ignoantly or knowingly invoke and invited demons from the dark world by opening the DOOR to your Life through SIN.

Otherwise, these might have been pass down to you and your Descendant by your parents Actions and Lifestyles.

You can only deal with these by first recognising and acknowledging your participation in all of these through the wrong steps and choice you have made in the past, Then reconnecting your Life back to your Root and First Love which is GOD. Finally taking your stand and making a Choice to receive your Liberty by all means. Although it come with a Price but it is worth the Sacrifice in the long run.

I sincerely hope this speaks to someone today??? I Remain Yours Truly, (Apostolos Katherine Subair )

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