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Awakening The Doer In You.


If you have ever been a Dreamer like me, then you will understand why I strongly emphasize on Dreams being a Source of Motivation to actualizing our Aspirations regardless of all Walls crumbling around us.

While Dreams often feel disconnected from our physical Reality, they can Play a Significant role in Shaping our Lives. They possess the Power to Inspire Us through the Revelation of Mysteries unknown to Us. They can also serve as a Source of Guidance, offering solutions to Problems or Challenges of Life. They are Power Tool into Discovering Hidden and Mysterious Secrets that links to Issues of Life.


I have always been a Dreamer, in fact I started Dreaming at a very Young age of Eight if I could remember vividly. Apparently my Dreams were filled with what I have become today as there is this Strong Force that continue to propel me forward every time I feel Depressed and Oppressed by Situations and Circumstances around me in those Moments.

My Dreams were so Intense and overwhelming that I had No doubt about My Purpose and My Mission in this World. I later discovered that the more I Focus and desire to Achieve it the more I receive Directions and more Revelations on how to go about it.

However, there were moments in my Life that I had doubted, falling back and questioned if I was actually on the Right Path and Committed to the Right Vision. And those moments had caused me to undermine and undervalued my Dreams that I had changed Directions and taken a different Path.

Some of these moments were largely due to the Traumatic Experience and Events in My Life, the People I had cross Path with during My Journey and some Wrong Choices I had made and Wrong Steps I had taken. It became apparent to me afterwards that quiet a lot of these Change in Direction and Paths were due to the People who were obviously Agents of evil Assigned to Distract People like Me who are Lucky enough to Dream and are Determined to Pursue it Stop them from Actualizing it.

But there is ONE fascinating occurrence each Time I encounter these Elements and Entities of Distraction that compel me to Change Course, and that is a Much more POWERFUL FORCE which I later Confirm to be the HAND of GOD MOST HIGH would Redirect and Change the Situation in such a Way that I literally found Myself Propelled by this FORCE to go back and Continue towards my Dream.


Our Dreams essentially serve as a Form of Communication between the Spirit World and the Physical. I know this may sound awkward especially to those who do not believe in the Phenomenal and the Supernatural. From my personal experiences, I have received and still receiving countless Information about the Past, the Present and the Future especially with regards to My Mission.

For many that struggle with Identity, Discovering there Purpose and choosing the Right Path that leads to Fulfilment. The ability to Dream and remember your Dreams is first significant to Aligning the Dreams with your Physical Activities.

It is however disheartening to discover that some People don’t Dream at all, while some do but lack the ability to Recall. When this happens, there is a high probability that such individuals Spiritual Sight as been Tampered with while they slept.

The Enemies know and have adequate knowledge of our Dreams being the Gateway to our Future. They are pretty much aware that it is the Ultimate Channel of Communication between the Spirit World and the Physical. In fact it is the Major Channel by which GOD Communicate and Reveal more of HIMSELF to Us. And not only HIMSELF but a Channel where HE constantly reminds Us of WHO we are, WHAT we have been Packaged with from Birth and HOW to go about utilizing the Packaged to Live a Fulfilling Life.

So for many that Battle with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, when Assessment is carried out, 8 out of 10 of these Individuals lack the ability to Dream or remember Dreams. And sadly they equally lack the understanding of the Risk and Danger involve in not been able to Dream or Recall Dreams.


Daydreaming takes place from the Core of our Mind which is attached to our Soul, while our actual Dream takes place from the Core of our Spirit attached to our Subconscious.

Daydreaming is Formed from Images of People, Elements and Things of Interest and Desires, these are merged together to Form our desired World or Events. It is basically, the Imaginations of ourselves in a different World surrounded by People, Places and Things of Interest.

Daydreaming is never from GOD or a Channel of Communication ,as it stems from our own Desires and Wants. Moreover, there is Danger in the latter outweighing the former. When one is consumed by ones desires and lust, it is pretty much impossible for such to decipher between the two or even receives and understand the Information obtained from the Actual Dream.

Growing up I was a loner despite being raised along with Eight other Siblings, my Parents were pure illiterate as they could neither read nor write. Being by myself accord me the Privacy and the space I needed to explore through Reading of Novels and Literature Books. My penchant and craving for Story Books is what led to my Daydreaming. These Books help to create my characters and desired images in my Mind to Form my desired World.

Whenever I am hurt or in Emotional Pain, I literally Withdraw into this World to shut myself from the Pain I was feeling at those moments. Time and time again, I would make changes to the Characters and Images to suit my Situations at each moments.

However, what I failed to understand at that time was the Implications that comes from Creating a different World entirely from what GOD had Purpose and Planned for me. I had no idea that Daydreaming and creating my own World Interferes with the Perfect World GOD had laid out for me. unfortunately, I Lived in this World for over Forty years before I got an Awakening and Succumbed to GOD’s Will.


To Dream is crucial to Living a Healthy Mental, Physical and Spiritual Life, for it is where you obtain the Motivations and Inspirations to keep looking ahead and running the Race for the sole Purpose of reaching the Mark and receiving the Crown.

It helps you understand and have adequate knowledge of WHO and WHAT you are and meant to be in Future. As you gain Clarity about your Family, why you are Born into such and the Role they will Play in your Future.

It basically Unlock all hidden Potentials that you were never aware of and equally Train, Empowers and Prepares you for your Journey.

However, all of these can never be Attained nor Achieved if you are not Connected to the Main Source ( GOD ). For HE is the OWNER and MANAGER of the Spirit World, HE is the AUTHORITY in the Spirit World for HE is SPIRIT and the TRUTH of that World. So if you realize you lack the Ability to Dream or the ability to Recall your Dreams, please go on your Knees Day and Night and Sincerely ask GOD to Restore your Spiritual Sight and Illuminate your Dream World to See all that HE needs you to See. Plead the BLOOD of JESUS over yourself, to Cleanse you from all the Sins that satan has used against you before the THRONE of GRACE of GOD, and ask that same BLOOD that Speaks better things to Speak GOD’s Marvelous LIGHT into all the Darkness in your Dreams. So you can gain back your Authority and Dominion as a New Creation in CHRIST JESUS in your Dreams, and See HIS Wonders begin to Manifest in both your Spirit and Physical World.

As Parents, I will strongly advise that you encourage your Kids to Share there Dreams every Morning, this as been a Routine between me and my Son and it as been absolutely Mind blowing listening to Him Share is Dreams every time.

By engaging in this, Parents would be able to quickly establish those among there Kids that lack the Ability to Dream or forget there Dreams and can instantly begin to Act on helping them Gain back there Dream from the darkness that had swallowed and tampered with it. Note this though, a Child that lacks the Ability to Dream is usually the Most Gifted with Potentials. And the purpose of tampering with their Dream World is to ensure those Potentials are not Discovered to be used for Humanity.

So let every Parents Guide the Dreams of their Kids Jelousely, with utmost and vehement Passion because the Future of your Kids and your Generations Depend on it. And let Everyone Seek and Desire to Dream because your Future Depends on it.

I Sincerely Hope this Helps Someone Today??? I Remain Yours Truly ( Apostolos Katherine Subair )

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